The song “Music Is The Cure” by Ghanaian International Reggae Artist Tsidifari – speaks about artists in general who use their talent and words in their music to encourage negative thinking and anti social behaviour among the people who listen to them and that mostly happen to be the vulnerable and gullible youth in our society. Music is a very powerful tool that can change the whole world for the better if music makers will make that their objectives, thereby choosing positive themes and words for their songs. It is true that music shapes our society in many different ways. Some artists are tempted to think that they need to reflect the expectations of the listeners in their songs whiles in reality they need to direct the mindset of their people through the music by first knowing right from wrong and then making a choice to propagate positivity through the words in their song and attitudes generally.
We are living in a material world where truth and rights are thrown to the ground while false pretense and deception gains more attention and audience among people who belive much of what the media presents to them. It is important to address this issue for the sake of our children who are caught up in a system that thrives on principles of greed, extracting maximum profit with least effort or work put in and corruption generally. Musicians and song writers can contribute positively to creating a better world for now and tomorrow’s people by putting out songs with words of goads and upliftment instead of promoting Satanism and spreading the devils influence.
Stay positive.

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